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Admission open from Play Group to Class XIIth for the session 2017 -18 School with Day, Day Boarding & Hostel Facilities.

Curriculum Activity

The school aims at developing the overall personality of a child going beyond the prescribed syllabi. Care has been taken to devices a curriculum that lays emphasis on the development of personal attributes like communication leadership, decision –making, public speaking, team work, stress management and other related skills. To build such attributes the schools aims at reaching out to every student to help him learn such skills. The curriculum has been so designed to ignite inquisitiveness in the child that will allow him full freedom to find his way through the maze of knowledge to learn and understand the concept and not merely memorizing the text for examinations. Emphasis is on vocabulary, development, language structure and reading comprehension. Activities for children:

Adventure Training Programme: The aim is to encourage young generation to go to the mountains and participate in adventure activities and interact with nature. Active participation in this training helps the individual to develop will power, stamina, confidence, team spirit and commandership and thus channalises the energy towards leadership character building and national integration.

Skating:There is an in-house Skating rink where children are trained by a coach. Children give skating performance on various occasions like Independence day, Sports day.

Taek-won-do:A professionally trained coach teaches little children this Korean art of defence. This is an important activity to make children strong in mind and body. Children present their taekwon-do skills at each presentation besides participating in competitions.

Dramatization and Role Play: Dramatization of stories and stage plays are organized from time to time to expand the child’s imagination and stimulate his creative expression. Children are then enrolled to create own stories with the help of the class teachers.

Educational Trips:Educational trips are organized every month keeping in mind the concepts being taken up in the class such as Traffic Training Park, ATMs, Big Bazaar, Mother Dairy, Parle Jee, Marble Mines etc.

Picnics & Excursions: Children are taken on fun filled outings and field trips to farmhouses, Zoo, Funcity, Children’s Park and Railway Museum etc. every quarter.

Presentations:Every quarter, children demonstrate skills acquired in that period in front of their parents, enabling them to understand the growth and level of development of their child. Feedback at the end of the presentation helps the teachers to work towards better performance.

Competitions: To further explore the hidden potential of the child, regular competitions are held which boost the confidence of the children, instill in them a healthy spirit of competition and remove stage fright.

Skating Ring:The school has a well designed skating ring where children are trained by a professional coach.

Splash Pool: A child friendly baby pool is the most enjoyed facility in summers.

Campus with Settling Zone:This room is beautifully decorated with large cut outs of animals, flowers and cartoon characters so that new children enjoy and get attracted towards their first school. New joinees are welcomed in this room for initial days till they become comfortable. Special activities to engross them and develop a relation with the team.

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